Hello & welcome to my portfolio. 

My name Ása Bergmann and I'm Retail Designer (BA) educated from VIA Design in Herning in Denmark. In the 3,5 half year of the study I specialised in Store design, store concept & graphic design. My focus was to gain knowledge and experience to create physical spaces with a concept that was targeting certain target group, but yet it should fit with the brand and design elements. 
My bachelor graduation project I designed a hair salon that was more environmental friendly and that was the concept. The style in the store was attractive, calm and had feeling of nature inside with materials and colors but had the style for the brand I was using for the project. 
Since my graduation in december 2017 I've worked as graphic designer for companies in Denmark and freelance for companies in Iceland, Denmark and England. I transformed the knowledge from Retail Design education into more branding design work with focus on creating holistic look & feel for branding design. Brands can be thought as a person, that has apperance, behaviour and personality. 
I love working with graphics to create elements for brands and companies around the world. I support small business owners, and specially women that are establishing their companies all by themselves.  I help them with the challenges they reach as small business owner and women on the business market. 
I'm originally from Iceland but I've lived in Denmark since 2014 when I started my studies. Now I have a family here in Denmark and I enjoy the lifestyle here. I'm living in the middle of the country but grew up by the seaside so every time I need to reset myself I just need to drive the the next beach to see, hear and smell the ocean.